Additional Information


Check in is on Monday from 12 noon till 1pm at the North SULLIVAN Residence Hall on NC State Campus (listed on maps above)  Check out will work the same way.   

We will have a secure drop off area in the Sullivan lot (in front of SULLIVAN Dorm) where you can empty your car, then park your car in the parents parking area. 

Day campers are encouraged to check in closer to 1 to avoid longer wait before session.  

*Please plan to come onto campus by way of Western Blvd and Dan Allen Drive.  You will not be able to get to SULLIVAN dorm by way of Hillsborough St. and Dan Allen Drive.

If you are coming to watch any session please plan to always park in the 'Parent Parking area' listed above on the map and also please stay outside the fences while session is going on for safety reasons so nobody gets hit by a ball.  Thank you for your understanding.