Boys Rising Grades 4th-12th 

Camper to Coach Ratio is:  6 to 1

Camp has been run continuously for over 20 years.



June 24th - June 27th

Overnight Camper Fee: $495

Day Camper Fee: $405

 Payable online through secure checkout.

*We also offer a multi-camper discount for families.



 A full-time medical professional will be present during all on-field sessions and will be available prior to and after all practices and games in the dorm.  



 All meals are all you can eat and drink.  They are served in NC State University's Fountain Dining Hall adjacent to our dorm. 

*First meal served will be dinner at 5pm on June 24th.  We recommend eating lunch before check in.



Will water be available at all sessions?

  • Yes,  unlimited free water will be available to all campers at every session. 

Is Cafeteria is all you can eat?  

  • Yes, a variety of different foods are offered at each meal.

Is there a camp bank?

  • Yes, it is run from the camp store.  Parents can put money aside for their camper so they don't have to keep cash on them.  

How much money should i send my child with?

  • This is up to each parent, but $20-$30 will be enough for them to order pizza at night with a friend and get some snacks at the camp store throughout their stay.

Pizza orders at night

  • Many kids get hungry after the night session, so we give an opportunity for kids to order a pizza through us that they pick up from the camp store after the night session.  This is totally optional but sometimes a fun part (especially for younger kids) of the camp experience.

WHAT TO BRING and not to bring

What to bring


Here is a basic list of items for each camper to bring:

  • Sheets/blanket or sleeping bag
  • Pillow
  • Towels
  • Toiletries - soap, toothbrush, etc.
  • Sunscreen
  • Shorts, t-shirts 
  • Plenty of underwear & socks
  • Flip-flops

What NOT to bring


Here is a basic list of items not to bring:

  We recommend that campers do not bring ANY small electronics such as ipods, ipads, laptops, or any expensive items.  You do so at your own risk, the camp does not cover the loss or damage of any items like this.  Please write your child's name on all their items in case they get lost we can return them to your child. 

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We try and post numerous pics throughout the days of camp about fun, interesting, and important things going on!

Camp Store


Our camp store is run by Lacrosse Unlimited of Cary, NC.  

  • They will have various items available for purchase (gloves, helmets, sticks, etc.).
  • They will also have water, gatorade, snacks and other items available for sale after each session.
  • They will also handle all pizza orders after the night session.
  • They will also run our camp bank so campers don't have to keep cash on them.

Important Information for Camp Week

Division 1 Schedule for the week



12-1:00- Check in

1:30- Meet outside dorm for camp rules talk

1:40-4:20- 1st session

4:50- Meet outside dorm to walk to dinner

5:00- Dinner

7:00-8:30- Meet outside dorm for 2nd session

10PM- Lights out 

10:30- Lights out


7:30- wake up

8:15- Breakfast

9:30-11:45- Morning session

12:30- Lunch

2:30-4:30- Afternoon session

5:30- Dinner

7:15-8:45- Evening session

10PM- Lights out 

10:30- Lights out


7:30- wake up


9:30-11:15-Final session and awards 

11:30- Checkout

Division 2 Schedule for the week



12-1:00- Check in

1:30- Meet outside dorm for camp rules talk

1:40-4:20- 1st session

4:50- Meet outside dorm to walk to dinner

5:00- Dinner

7:00-8:30- Meet outside dorm for 2nd session

 10PM- Lights out 

10:30- Lights out


6:45AM- wake up

7:00- Breakfast

8:00-10:15- Morning session

11:00- Lunch

Afternoon session 2:30-4:30

4:30- Dinner

6:00-7:40-Evening session 

10PM- Lights out 

10:30- Lights out


6:45AM- wake up

7:00- Breakfast 

8:00-10:00- Final session and awards

10:30am- Checkout




Below are a few reminders for you and your sons as you prepare to arrive on Monday June 24h.

  • Check in is on Monday June 24th from 12 noon till 1pm at the SULLIVAN Residence Hall on NC State Campus, directions are on the website camp link 
  • Day campers are encouraged to check in closer to 1 to avoid long wait before session.  
  • *Please plan to come onto campus by way of Western Blvd and Dan Allen Drive.  ***You will not be able to get to SULLIVAN dorm by way of Hillsborough St. and Dan Allen Drive.
  • First session starts in front of SULLIVAN Residence Hall at 1:30pm.
  • The first meal is dinner at 5:30pm on Monday June 24th after 1st session, be sure you have eaten lunch before check in!
  • Parents can come watch any session of camp.  For easiest access to field parents should park in Sullivan parking lot right next to LEE fields.
  • There will be a $150 fee for a lost or broken key (NC State University Fee).  Campers are expected to keep track of their keys and report any issues to a coach or director immediately.



 We try and make checkout as simple as possible:

Checkout for overnight campers will begin immediately after awards (DIVISION 2 10:15am & DIVISION 1 at 11:30am). 

  • Day campers don't have to check out, they are done after awards ceremony.

  • Overnight campers need to pack up all of their items, put all trash and recycle in the garbage cans in their rooms, then ask one of the coaches on their floor (bright yellow shirts) to look over their rooms for any damage.  After that you will just bring their keys to the front desk of patio of SULLIVAN dorm (where you picked up your keys) and check them back in with the NC State staff, then you are set to go!

Morning session will start at LEE field at D2 -8am & D1 at 9:30am the sessions will  end at 9:45am for D2 & end at 11:15 for D1 (all games), then we will do a quick awards ceremony for each group after their session at LEE field.  All of you are more than welcome to attend and watch your sons play and stay for the awards.